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Where do bats like to go once they get inside your home?

Areas for the most common Bat Removal need.

Bat Removal

Bat removal and Control is defined in several ways, Bat removal is often when a bat is physically removed from a home or building either by exclusion methods or other means such as a net or gloved hand. Our highly trained experts all have verified experience dealing with bats in urban environments and can find bats that have made their way into the living quarters.

  • Bats in my closet- Bats in closest areas are common, this is usually where the scuttle hole is located.
  • Bats in my Kitchen- Bats in Kitchens is common, most of the time this is from a window left open.
  • Bats in my bathroom- Bats in the bathroom is usually from a open window, or they could have possibly come down from the vent fan.
  • Bats in my Living space- Most companies charge a inflated fee for afterhours calls, try to conceal the bat to one room and wait until morning to call a bat company, if you can’t wait, expect to pay a night visit charge!
  • Bats in my Garage- Usually comes in from the pull down attic hatch
  • Bats in my attic- This is the most common complaint, they usually come thru a crack in the roofline or a broken vent screen.
  • Bats in my walls- usually happens in the winter, bats in the attic will get into the walls in the extreme cold, this helps them stay warm as the heat radiates thru the wall from inside your house.
  • Bats in my basement- This usually happens as young bats crawl around exploring areas, this normally happens in June and July.
These are all the places that bats are typically found in the home or office areas, on this page you can click on the particular problem and you will be directed to the page that explains to you how to deal with the problem and the most likely places you would possibly find the bat in the house.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email us, we love to hear from folks that have used our information on these pages. Our goal is to help you solve your bat problem and to keep your family safe.

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