Do bats Hibernate in Houses

Bats sleeping in the atticThe question one poses is, Does bat hibernate in houses? The answer is short and disturbing for some home owners. Yes, Bats do Hibernate in houses. In some parts of the mid west and mid Atlantic states such as North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia Bats do not go into deep Hibernation. They simply go lethargic for several weeks at a time. We often see bats flying around in the late winter sky hoping to catch a meal.

The bats body functions slow to the min. that is needed to sustain life. their heart beat slows to a 20 beats per minute. This is a drastic reduction from the almost 600 beats per minute that is “normal” for a bat. This essentional because a bat only has a couple of grams of fat on its body. A bat in full hibernation can survive 4 months on two grams of fat. It is also a fact that a bat will loose 1/4 to 1/2 of its total body weight during this time period.

Bats Hibernating in my attic

If you suspect that you have bats hibernating in your attic or walls you should contact a professional bat removal and control company. bats are a protected species and only certified licensed professional should attempt to remove the hibernating bats form your attic. There are many laws that pertain to hibernating bats and all the laws and regulations should be known before proceeding.  Things we know:

  • Bats do hibernate in your attic and walls
  • Bats are protected species in all states
  • Bats are very beneficial to the environment
  • Bats in the attic should be handled by a professional

If you can not find a professional on our home page, please select your state and city form the link located here.

Some of the areas we service is Jacksonville,FL, Charlotte,NC, Richmond,VA, Fairfax, VA  Alexandria,VA , Reston VA, Waldorf Maryland, and Baltimore Maryland. We also service all locations around Los Angeles CA

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