DIY Bat Removal & Bats in Attic Control

Be educated about humane bat removal and control of bats in attic.

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Do it yourself Bat Control

Do it yourself bat control is may seem easy but there are a lot of steps involved. Often, it is not recommended that you try to exclude a colony of bats from a structure. Professional Bat removal companies exist and there are companies that can solve your bat problem permanently and clean up all feces. We recommend some quality companies that will do this type of work in our help section of this website. If you are determined not to hire a professional for bat exclusion, here are the steps of a proper do it yourself bat exclusion and clean out.


This is a very important phase of bat control. This is when the entire area is looked at and decisions on the proper areas to exclude are made.


Pre-seal is the act of sealing areas of the home that the bats are not using as a common entry way, this helps eliminate the possibility of bats re-infesting the attic area once a exclusion is done.


This is when the main area that the bats are entering and exiting an area is sealed up and a one way door is installed to let the bats "leave".


This is putting in the one way door after the entire structure is sealed, this "door" allows the bats to exit the structure, but leaves them no way to return.


After the exclusion is performed (Seal + One way door) an inspection is done to make sure all bats are gone before the cleanout is performed. This makes sure no bats will be present when the insulation is removed. If bats are present, they could possibly bite or fly into someone in the attic doing the cleanout.


The cleanout is the process of removing the insulation and the bat guano in the process of sanitizing an area.


The reinsulate process is putting back insulation in the attic, this should be done in a way that you meet all Department of Energy guidelines.

These are the steps that need to be taken to do a proper DIY bat control project, Click on the link on each particular section and you will be directed to the page that deals with that particular part of the DIY bat exclusion, Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to send us a email. We are here to assist you any way we can.

Bat removal can be done if you know what you're doing.

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