Bat Removal & Bats in Attic Control Services.

Help with the right way to treat bats and solutions to get rid of bats from structures and guano cleanup.

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How to get rid of Bats

It is very important that the removal of bats be done in a way that will not affect their population or their breeding cycles. Bats are one of the most environmentally beneficial animals on the planet and great care should always be taken when dealing with them and their young.

Bats in the US

Bats in the United States are very, very beneficial animals. Bats will eat 2 times their weight in flying insects in a 24 hour period. This equals thousands of mosquitoes per bat each night. Just think of a world without bats, the bugs would take over.

This is one reason why that bats are treated so delicately by all state and federal organizations, their environmental importance is huge and only qualified professional companies should be permitted to handle this type of problem in or near your home.

A qualified Bat Removal Company

The number of qualified bat removal companies in the United States is low. There are many companies that attempt bat removal only to find out they do not know what they're doing. One thing to look for when trying to find a bat removal professional is National Certification. This is a certification done though the National Wildlife Control Officers Association. The certification is called a Bat Standards Certification. If the company does not have this then you should look for another company.

We list full-service wild animal removal companies. They provide bat removal services to get rid of nuisance bats They can also help with animal-proofing and damage repair. Services that may include replacement of insulation, attic restoration, and home seal ups.

Damage Repair • Guano Clean up • Colony Relocation • Exclusion Work

Bat Information

Bat Removal

Removal and control of all types on nuisance bats. Including removal of bats from homes, attics and commercial properties.

Bat Damage Repairs

We repair damage caused by bats in the attics of homes. Damage to sheetrock and other building material such as siding and roofs.

Commercial Buildings

Bats in commercial buildings like large government buildings, metal buildings, flat roof buildings and barns.

Guano Contamination

Insulation contaminated with bat guano needs to be cleaned. This includes attic insulation and wall and floor insulation contaminated by bat feces.

Residential Services

Bat removal from your home or attic. We can keep Bats out of your house with exclusion solutions.

Attic Restoration

Completely clean all insulation and replaces it with new insulation. This happens when insulation becomes contaminated with bat guano.

Bat season is soon to be upon us. Bats will be moving into your home and attic.

Noises in the walls and attic are a clue.

We have bat experts that can help you get rid of bats in the attic. They have bat removal solutions to eliminate problems permanently.

We are committed to providing Humane Bat Removal.

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